healing realty trust

The Foundation Of Innovative Medicine Is Real Estate

Healing Realty Trust is a data-driven, self-managed real estate investment company specializing in the ownership of income-generating properties primarily linked to the healthcare industry.

HRT intends to acquire NN/NNN-stabilized, healthcare related properties leased to doctors and care providers that are focused on insurance reimbursable services.

HRT will focus on clinicians providing critical health care services, making this potentially a recession-resistant sector that provides a buffer against economic downturns, offering more stable returns and protecting our portfolio from severe market volatility.

Unlimited Potential

Mental health costs the health care system $51B per year, with the total market of HRT care reaching approximately $200B by 2027.

Behavioral Health
Psychedelic Therapy
Wellness & Healing
Annual Mental Health Cost

*Behavioral Health market sizes by 2030. Wellness & Healing and Psychedelic Therapy estimate by 2031.

Competitive Advantage

Our exclusive partnership with HealingMaps provides us with proprietary insights into the current clinical landscape across North America and the globe.

Establishing the Foundation

Healing Realty Trust intends to respond to emerging therapies and changing healthcare trends by acquiring NN/NNN/modified gross-leased healthcare-related real estate assets, supported by real-time data

  • Quality tenants with established operations for over 5 years
  • Lowest cap rate in the current pipeline is 9%
  • Over $64M worth of pipeline real estate
  • Existing available footprint more than 350,000 sq ft
  • Dynamic response to emerging therapies and changing health care trends supported by real-time data
  • Ensures HRT remains at the forefront of healthcare real estate acquisition opportunities (i.e., Behavioral Health Providers adding in MDMA for PTSD as a treatment option)
  • Partnering with healthcare-related tenants, maximizing insurance coverage and reimbursement rates 
  • Recession resistant-tenants provide essential services, and people continue to seek medical care regardless of economic conditions
  • The VA offers insurance reimbursement for providers who qualify via the VA Community Care Network (“CCN”)
  • VA TRICARE provides a range of healthcare services, including doctor’s visits, hospital stays, preventive care, prescription drugs and mental health services