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Solid Foundations

Healing Realty Trust leverages real-time data to strategically acquire NN/NNN/modified gross-leased healthcare-related real estate assets.

The portfolio is centered on purchasing healthcare facilities dedicated to serving the mental, behavioral, and physical health sectors, while playing a crucial role in supporting traditional healthcare practices as well as in the advancement of innovative alternative therapies.

Emerging Therapies

The existing healthcare infrastructure is inadequate for supporting both the currently approved and forthcoming FDA-approved novel therapies, such as those involving Ketamine, MDMA, and Psilocybin-assisted therapy.

Healing Realty Trust collaborates with top medical professionals in the industry, taking charge of property acquisitions, establishing triple net (NNN) leases, and developing infrastructure to facilitate positive change and enhance productivity for expansion.

Strategic Relationships to Drive Growth

HRT intends to capitalize on the knowledge of Holistic Management Co. (“HMC”), an advisory business that specializes in providing guidance to healthcare professionals who are seeking to expand the range of services they offer their patients, with a focus on increasing revenue and improving patient retention.

Robust deal flow

  • Robust deal pipeline of potential facility acquisitions
  • Understanding of where to place future facilities to increase their competitive advantage

Understanding future need of clinicians

  • Understanding of the current pain points facing clinicians regarding their environment
  • Knowledge of future trends that will impact the market
  • Proactively move to acquire spaces that will accommodate those needs to increase our competitive advantage

Beyond HMC, the company is focused on other relationships centered around the following:


Exclusive partnership utilizing geospatial technology to map key services in target areas and identify real estate best suited for new clinic developments


Industry leading partnership with Numinus Network, supporting clinicians with turn-key clinic solutions


Strong partnerships with respected sell side advisory firms specializing in behavioral health care real estate transactions